My first post……

I’ll put this disclaimer out there at the start, this post will be made up of ramblings from myself, no technical content yet, but everyone must start somewhere, right?

For some time now, I have been procrastinating about starting up a blog. A couple of time’s I have even made a start, put up a holding page “coming soon” for it to only be taken down a few months later as nothing has changed. In fact, this site started in much the same way. I wanted to work with something that was a little out there and challenge me to learn something new. I set about creating the site using Hugo, blogging as code if you will. I had this tied into GitHub, hosting from Netlify, I quite liked it. Ability to spin up a local copy in a docker container for development work, previews etc. without impacting the live site as an example.

After spending far too long messing about with this, as cool as this was, day to day work can be complicated enough, I decided to move over to WordPress and keep it simple!

I have a site, now what? What would I write about, there is already so much amazing content out there on other blog’s what “gap” can I fill.

I then realised, actually I am doing this for myself more than anything and if it helps others along the way then that’s awesome. The aim of the blog more than anything is to help push me out of the comfort zone, help me take presentation/communication skills to the next level, become more accustomed/comfortable with being uncomfortable. Most of all, an effort to try and work on addressing imposter syndrome and hopefully in the not-too-distant future use it as foundation to apply for the vExpert program.

What content can be expected, well I find myself working a lot in my lab environment. Whether this is for personal development, study/exam preparations, testing a customer requirement or simply looking at a new piece of tech. With so many different nested environments, I quickly forget key points about each environment, what it was for, why I built it and the current state that it is in, let alone how I built it. So, I intend to turn these random notes I have scattered in different locations into meaningful posts and hopefully help others on the way.

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